Let’s make you happy about your smile

Our goal is to have you blow out your birthday candles without your teeth falling out at 100 years old.

Yep. Name us something that you use more frequently than a smile. A smile is used every second of the day, it’s the first thing you notice on a person, it allows you to eat, speak and so much more. It is the symbol that was rated with the highest positive emotional content. We want our patients to be happy! We want our patients to feel happy!
Our Brampton dental office is modern, friendly, and fully equipped. Chat with us if dental care near me sounds interesting – we’re your experienced local Brampton Dentist!

Your family dentist in Brampton – Our principal family dentist in Brampton, Dr. Sam Schlesinger, serves the Brampton community as well as areas nearby, such as Caledon and Bolton. Dr. Schlesinger and his team of dedicated dental professionals have been providing great general and cosmetic dentistry to people in the Brampton Ontario area as well as those from all across Canada for years.
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Your dentist in Brampton. The most comfortable, personalized dental care in Brampton!

As your Brampton Dentist, our advice is that your first step should be overall health. This includes regular visits to your physician as well as oral health with cleanings and removal of any decay. As we age, our capacity to heal diminishes and can no longer keep up with the wear and tear that our body experiences. That’s where we come in! Next comes the fun part! Restoring self-confidence and happiness!

We can achieve this through implants, crowns, and veneers to deliver the smile of your dreams!

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Dr. Sam Schlesinger | Brampton Dentist

Your Brampton Dentist

Dr. Sam Schlesinger DDS

Family dentistry in brampton

Dr. Sam Schlesinger is a renowned family dentist in the Brampton area, who has made it his mission to provide excellent dental care through years of diligence and passion. His team offers an unparalleled range of general and cosmetic dentistry options.

Affordable dentistry

We believe that everyone deserves the best dental care and experience, regardless of financial situation! We are dedicated to giving you quality & affordable dentistry today in Brampton!

Our practice philosophy

Our mission is to ensure that every patient leaves with a smile on their face and feeling 100% satisfied! We make sure your teeth sparkle, and you beam with good oral health..

Secrets Your Dentist Wants You To Know!

Have you ever wondered why we are so quick to visit our doctor’s office when something feels off or we see something that looks strange?

Why then do we tend to brush things off (pun intended) when something is off with our oral health?  

It’s probably because we don’t know what we’re looking for! Dental education is not taught in school, not passed down from our parents and there just isn’t enough time to reinforce it at the dental office.

This book will give you everything you need to know so you are prepared to take control of your oral health.

No more mysteries or fear of the unknown. Going to the dentist will finally be something you look forward to!

How to choose your dentist in Brampton?
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Finding your perfect dentist in Brampton doesn’t have to be a hassle! Ask your family and friends for their referrals, or take a peek at 905 Dental’s Google reviews – written by patients just like you.

Don’t forget to read about our services and technologies so that you can make an informed decision about which dental office is right for you. With such great ratings from locals, 905 Dental should surely top everyone’s list of go to dentists in Brampton!