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Imagine buying a car without seeing it or being able to test drive it. Sounds silly right? With smile design and simulation, we are able to demonstrate how your new smile would look like without picking up a drill. And even better we can show you the different combinations of treatments that are available.

We use photography to explore your desires and the shapes, colours and contours of your teeth that best reflect your personality. Our design is communicated to our team of technicians and ceramists who can either create a waxup of your smile or a 3D mockup. We can even test out a prototype of your smile with a temporary add on so you can see for yourself in the mirror.

For larger smile designs, a period known as a test-drive will allow you to walk, talk and live with your proposed smile. Once we have agreed on the finishing touches, the ceramists will begin the fabrication of the precision designed restorations.

What is the difference between a crown and a veneer?
Crowns are full coverage restorations (meaning they cover the entire tooth). They are indicated for many reasons including fractured teeth that can no longer be made whole by a filling, root canalled teeth that need stronger protection, cosmetic correction, teeth that are worn into the dentin, fixing the bite and more. They are often sent to a dental lab for fabrication. They are commonly made of porcelain ceramics (Zirconia, Emax) or a combination of the two. Crowns are either cemented or bonded to the tooth.
Veneers cover only the front surface of a tooth (think of them as half-crowns). They are made of porcelain and are mostly used for cosmetic or for full mouth rehabilitation when we are changing or correcting your bite.

As you can already tell, a lot goes into a smile. It’s the first thing you notice on a person and is the symbol that is rated with the highest positive emotional content. That is why we take such great care and attention to detail when we are re-creating one. Ask for a consult today!

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