CEREC Crowns Same Day Crown Restorations in Brampton


What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a restorative treatment for capping teeth that have become damaged or decayed. This treatment has been around for years and is a time-tested restorative dental treatment. 

Dental crowns are designed to correct problems with teeth that have become weak, decayed, or damaged. 

Well-made dental crowns restore your smile and save your tooth potentially from an extraction. 

At 905 Dental in Brampton, ON, we provide dental treatment to residents in and around Brampton, Ontario. Dr. Sam Schlesinger and his team offer same-day dental crown treatment using CEREC technology. 

What Are CEREC Same Day Crowns?

CEREC is the acronym for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” While quite a mouthful in its complete form, CEREC is an innovative dental technology that helps design, create, and place dental crowns for a patient in a single appointment. 

Traditional methods, as you no doubt know, require multiple visits and sometimes even need a repeat of the process to get you the right crown. 

CEREC crowns, on the other hand, provide the option of expertly designed, high-quality dental crowns that are created quickly using modern digital technology. 

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We help you design the smile you want.

At 905 Dental our commitment to delivering superior value to our patients is reflected in our acquisition of a CEREC milling machine. CEREC is a game-changer, especially for patients who are short of time and would prefer to have their new crowns created and placed in their mouth – all in one appointment! Call us: (905) 451-8388

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1. Time-Efficient Solution

Firstly, In a world where everyone is short of time - CEREC same-day crowns solve the time problem by eliminating the need for multiple visits to the dental office. With CEREC, you have none of the inconvenience of wearing temporary crowns while you wait for the permanent version to be created. CEREC technology is empowering. In the case of a dental office offering a CEREC solution, you can walk in with a dental condition requiring a crown and leave at the end of your appointment with a fully restored smile.

2. Precision and Accuracy

The CEREC process uses a 3D imaging technology that creates digital impressions of your teeth. This digital impression is very exact, ensuring that a crown with a precise fit will be created for you. CEREC eliminates the risk of errors when manual impressions are made of your teeth to produce a crown. The CEREC crown is quickly created and fits successfully with your natural teeth.

3. Unparalleled Convenience

CEREC eliminates the inconvenience of having to wear temporary crowns and coming to the dental office for multiple appointments for the same tooth. A single visit to your dentist means that you can resume your daily activities quickly and without the inconvenience connected with traditional crowns.

4. Preservation of Tooth Structure

Did you know that CEREC same-day crowns require less removal of your existing tooth structure than the traditional dental crown process? Preserving your natural tooth structure is vital for the long-term health of your teeth. Every CEREC crown is personalized to preserve as much of your tooth enamel as possible. This preservation of a larger part of your natural tooth structure contributes to maintaining the strength and life of your tooth that has received the CEREC crown.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics

CEREC same-day crowns are built using high-quality ceramics. They resemble your natural teeth closely in appearance. With CEREC, you have the ability to select the shape, size, and shade of the crown. This means that you could make a copy of your damaged tooth, or you could actually improve its appearance. The porcelain material of the CEREC crown matches the colour and gloss of your natural teeth, enabling your crown to blend flawlessly into your smile without anyone being able to differentiate between your natural teeth and the tooth with the crown. The CEREC-built crown blends with your other teeth to give you a flawless smile.

6. Durability and Longevity

CEREC same-day crowns are about more than just how quickly you can get your crowns. These are crowns built with robust materials, and they're built to last. These crowns can last for many years and provide you with long-lasting functionality. You can enjoy your CEREC crown for years with good oral hygiene and brushing techniques.

7. Reduced Discomfort

CEREC same-day crowns make getting a new dental crown a more comfortable experience. The traditional crown procedures can be messy, with impressions needing to be taken and uncomfortable crown fitting sessions. The putty used for these impressions is messy and, to some people, can taste pretty gross— Plus, bear in mind that this putty needs to sit with its tray on your teeth for a while to harden into the shape of your teeth. Using digital technology and precise measurements, CEREC eliminates the discomfort associated with the traditional process of getting a crown.

8. CEREC crowns are Personalized

Each patient's dental needs are unique, and CEREC technology caters to that individuality. The digital design and manufacturing process ensures that your crown is tailor-made to fit your specific dentition. The result is better comfort in getting the crown and better functionality in use and over time.

9. Safe and Biocompatible Materials

The materials used in the CEREC same-day crowns are biocompatible. Some might think that since the CEREC same-day crowns are milled quickly and right here in our office, they might be made of different or lower-quality materials than traditional crowns, which are lab-milled. Do not worry; the CEREC-same-day crowns are made from the same porcelain material as the traditional crowns. Therefore, their function and appearance are similar to traditional crowns – only that they are more exact in their dimensions and fit perfectly.

10. Environmentally Friendly

CEREC's digital approach significantly reduces the need for traditional materials, such as impression pastes and disposable trays. This eco-friendly aspect of CEREC dentistry appeals to ecologically conscious dentists and patients.

The CEREC Crown advantage! Contrast with the traditional crown process?

  1. Your dentist begins with an examination of the tooth.
  2. Your dentist then prepares the tooth, similar to the process for the CEREC same-day crowns. This preparation will be to file down and remove a part of the outer layer of your tooth to make room for the crown to come.
  3. Next, Your dentist makes an impression of your trimmed tooth and the surrounding teeth using dental plaster.
  4. Your dentist then prepares a temporary crown, places this on your tooth, and secures it temporarily.
  5. Next, your dentist will send this impression that has been prepared to a dental lab, which will create your new crown. While you wait for your new crown to arrive, you wear the temporary crown. This wait may be a few days or sometimes even a few weeks.
  6. If you loosen your temporary crown due to chewing something hard or some other accident, you will need to go back to the dental office for your dentist to either replace the temporary crown or re-secure it.
  7. Finally, once the crown arrives, you’ll be asked to return to the dental office for a final visit, during which your dentist will bond the new crown to your tooth.


1. Teeth Examination

Your dentist will begin the process by examining your teeth. This exam involves establishing the presence of a healthy tooth structure that will be able to take a crown. Your dentist will then review the available options with you.

2. Teeth Preparation

The dentist will begin preparing the damaged tooth and anesthetizing that area. This preparation involves removing any decay from the tooth and the weakened tooth tissue. Once this is done, your dentist will dry the area and prepare for the next step.

3. Taking a digital impression

The next step is that your dentist will digitally scan your teeth using an intra-oral camera. Using the images of your teeth from the intra-oral camera, the system software will create digital images of the tooth surface. Working from several static pictures, the computer will stitch the images together to arrive at a single 3-D model of your tooth. This design forms the blueprint that the CEREC milling machine uses to carve out the restoration from a block of ceramic.

4. Milling

In this step, the CEREC system will create the exact personalized dental crown needed for your tooth. Your dentist takes steps to ensure that this crown doesn't make this particular tooth stand apart from your other teeth. Starting with the original colour of your tooth, your dentist will choose the closest coloured ceramic block. With this colour chosen, the CEREC system can then be started to begin milling the crown. The process of milling the new crown takes just about 15 minutes.

5. Fitting the Crown

The new crown is now ready for fitting onto your tooth that needs the crown. Your dentist will next work on ensuring the proper fit and bite is achieved. Your new CEREC crown is polished and cemented to your tooth to bond the new crown into place.


That you need to take good care of your teeth goes without saying. Similarly, if you take good care of your teeth with CEREC crowns, you can help prolong their life. So, what do you need to do?

  1. Brush your teeth well. Carefully and not aggressively. 
  2. Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth if the crown or surrounding teeth are sensitive to hot or cold food or beverages. 
  3. Floss daily to keep all surfaces of all your teeth in top condition.
  4. Avoid eating hard foods like hard candy or hard ice. Your crown is almost as strong as your natural tooth enamel; however, despite its inherent strength, it is susceptible to wearing down and weakening from usage if used aggressively. 
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A dental crown is ultimately doing the same job, whether it's a traditional crown or a CEREC same-day crown. The process for creating a traditional crown differs from the CEREC crowns in some significant ways.


Traditional crowns can be created from several different Materials

In the case of traditional crowns, your dentist could make these with a wide variety of materials – for example, metal, ceramic, porcelain, resin, and zirconia. 

Moreover, your dentist can even combine materials – they could fuse porcelain with metal and fuse porcelain with zirconia. 

CEREC crowns, on the other hand, work with only one material – Ceramic.



Time taken: A shorter process with CEREC & a longer process with the traditional crowns

A CEREC crown takes a few minutes to make, and you need to visit your dentist’s office just once for a CEREC crown. 

On the other hand, a traditional crown requires time from a few days to a few weeks. You’ll need to visit your dentist’s office at least twice for the crowns made in the traditional process.


Accuracy and fit with traditional crowns

A lot of skill and precision goes into making a traditional crown that will fit perfectly. Each step in the traditional process needs unfailing accuracy to get the exact shape and measurements of the patient’s tooth. 

  1. The dentist must create an accurate putty mold of the patient’s bite. This accurate putty mold can sometimes be a challenge if the dental tray that holds the putty happens to be a poor match for the patient’s bite.
  2. The next step is at the dental lab. A lab technician makes the cast by pouring a water/powder mixture into the mold that has been created. The accuracy of this cast will depend upon the consistency of the cast mixture, the technician’s skill, and, critically importantly, the accuracy of the mold.
  3. Once the cast solidifies, the technician will pour hot wax over it to capture the hollow or the shape of the inner crown. Accuracy here is entirely dependent upon the technician’s skill.


Accuracy and fit with CEREC crowns

  1. With CEREC crowns, on the other hand, the subjectivity due to human error goes down massively. In this case, there are no impressions with putty; the dentist takes a 3D intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth. 
  2. The Design software will use the scans to deliver an accurate model of the patient’s teeth. The dentist now has a design for a crown that uses the exact shape and measurements of the tooth that needs the crown. 
  3. The CEREC computerised milling machine uses this design precisely like a regular printer uses a print file. The CEREC machine similarly sculpts the crown from a block of ceramic.


Imagine being able to see the smile that the dentist will create for you before you go in for your restoration appointment. 

Next, you will see that your dentist can give you that exact smile you saw on the computer screen. That, then, is the real benefit of the CEREC system for you.

The two significant benefits of CEREC are time-saving, convenience, and precise digital design. These crowns represent a technological leap forward in patient care. To paraphrase, the benefit of dentistry with CEREC same-day crowns is that you can enjoy a beautifully restored smile in a single visit to your dentist.


Most frequent questions and answers

Same-day CEREC crowns are an excellent option for people who are short on time. They would rather get a great crown in one visit to the dentist rather than two or more visits. 

That said, there are instances when placing a permanent crown on a tooth undergoing treatment is not the best option for that patient.

For example, if your tooth has extensive decay, is cracked, or is sensitive to biting, etc., getting a temporary crown placed on this tooth will allow your dentist to confirm whether you need root canal therapy before the permanent crown placement. 

If you have received the permanent crown already, your dentist will need to drill through your permanent crown to do the root canal treatment. To prevent instances like this, at 905 Dental, we examine the tooth thoroughly and ensure that it is ready to take a permanent crown before we bring the patient in for a permanent crown.

While CEREC same-day crowns sound like a cutting-edge innovation, some might wonder if all this specialized technology comes at a high cost! 

You might ask yourself, “How much do crowns cost at a dentist near me?” The answer is that a part of what you pay does go towards paying for the cost and maintenance of the CEREC equipment. 

CEREC same-day crowns usually cost about the same as lab-milled crowns, because we are able to reduce other costs. 

Remember that with CEREC, you are required to get a local anesthetic just once. Plus, same-day crowns eliminate the need for a temporary crown! What that means is that CEREC same-day crowns help your dentist save on materials, as well as on time. 

Also, remember that in the vast majority of cases with insurance, you will also save money – you will only need to copay once since you’ll only have to pay for a single visit to our office.

While CEREC crowns are more often used for teeth in the front of you mouth – your incisors and canines. However, the true workhorses among your teeth are the molars. You can definitely use CEREC crowns for your molars. The molar teeth are positioned at the back of each dental quadrant.

Owing to an assortment of factors, which may include cavities, traumatic incidents, or habitual over usage, your molars may eventually need a restoration procedure. If and when this is to happen, then it would be imperative to select the optimal restorative material, one that seamlessly delivers on functionality as well as on aesthetic appeal.

Dr. Sam Schlesinger, DDS, an accomplished dental practitioner with a focus on cosmetic dentistry, harnesses the transformative potential of cutting-edge CEREC dental technology, to provide high quality and timely crowns for the patients of 905 Dental in Brampton ON.